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View Krusteaz Crepes
. Roll up and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Turn and cook lightly on other side.

Lemon Crepes Krusteaz
Lemon Crepes Krusteaz from
Krusteaz shortbread cookie mix, white chocolate bark, crushed candy canes, and a few other baking essentials are all you need to make a. Delicious with maple syrup or jam or stuffed with mushrooms or cheese. Krusteaz banana nut supreme muffin mix.

The contenders were krusteaz, aunt jemima (both buttermilk and original), hungry jack, and aunt jemima's buttermilk pancakes were the best, while bisquick's mix left a lot to be desired.

See the best way to prepare the pan and pour the batter for the most here is a simple but delicious crepe batter which can be made in minutes. Made with real ingredients, 100% whole grain flour, and protein in every delicious serving, krusteaz protein pancake & baking mixes makes it easy to feed your family well. See more ideas about krusteaz recipes, krusteaz, recipes. Easy crepe and blintz recipes!