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View 10 Guinness Official Steak Pie Set Pictures

View 10 Guinness Official Steak Pie Set
. A traditional steak and guinness pie done by my favorite british chef, jamie oliver. Stir cream, redcurrant jelly and parsley into beef mixture and check the seasoning. - Steak and Guinness Pie - Steak and Guinness Pie from
This is as close to an irish inspired meal as you will get from me. Make a small slit in the. Be sure to impress your dinner guests with this traditional beef and guinness pie recipe.

My beef guinness mini pies are just the things you are looking for!

Sorry, we're having trouble loading this page. This classic hearty steak and guinness pie can be made ahead of time and will feed a small crowd. Service ended at 11 p.m. Please refresh your browser to try again.