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Recipe: Appetizing Healthy Avocado Toast!

Healthy Avocado Toast!. Watch how to make perfect avocado toast, plus find four fun and easy variations on plain avocado toast! The trendiest way to eat it? Both foodies and average Joes seem to adore it.

Healthy Avocado Toast! Spice up your avocado toast with one of these healthy avocado toast ideas! We've got four different types of avocado toast that are healthy, easy and tasty! I mean of course we all know about. You can have Healthy Avocado Toast! using 9 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Healthy Avocado Toast!

  1. You need 2 slice of whole wheat bread.
  2. Prepare 1 of avocado.
  3. It's 1 of egg.
  4. Prepare 1 tbs of oil.
  5. You need 20 g of hummus.
  6. It's 1 tbs of avocado oil.
  7. You need 1/8 tsp of black pepper.
  8. You need 1/8 tsp of crushed red pepper (not necessary).
  9. It's 1 tsp of sunflower seeds.

Avocado toast is oftentimes positioned as a snack with heart healthy ingredients, but this dish may Restaurant-style avocado toast is much less beneficial to your weight loss efforts than you'd think. "While avocado toast can be very healthy, it's still possible to gain weight by eating it if you aren't And don't forget about the toast itself. "Any healthy avocado toast recipe starts with a good base. ~ This Healthy Avocado Toast with Smoked Salmon is a luxuriously delicious way to fuel up for a busy day! Ready in just minutes, it's bursting with fresh and satisfying flavors, and a tantalizing range of. Avocado toast is the two-ingredient breakfast (and lunch) that's taken over the world. We've been seeing avocado toast pop up on breakfast and brunch menus in cafes everywhere for years, and.

Healthy Avocado Toast! instructions

  1. Toast breads. (If you have avocado oil, I recommend to put on the surface of breads before toasting. It makes bread better flavor.).
  2. Fry the egg. Make sure to spread the oil and heat the pan before put the egg. You can chose your favorite style. (sunny side up, over easy, over medium, or over hard).
  3. Cut the avocado in half. Scoop up the inside of half avocado and put on the one of breads. Put the hummus on the another bread..
  4. Scoop up the inside of another half avocado and put on the hummus..
  5. Add the black pepper..
  6. Put the fried egg on the bread which is without the hummus. (The bread which has only avocado.).
  7. Add the sunflower seeds and done! If you like spicy taste, you can also add the crushed red pepper..

Avocado toast is pretty divisive: You either can't get enough of it, or you're totally sick of hearing about it. With a plethora of avocado toast recipes out there—some simple, others more complex—it's easy. Easy, tasty, and nutritious, this is a great anytime snack. Avocado toast is one of the most popular dishes around and can be made in. Cut an avocado in half and spoon the inside from one half onto a slice Learn all the tips and tricks to making the BEST avocado toast!