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Beautiful Homemade Pepper Steak Pie Background

Beautiful Homemade Pepper Steak Pie
. Delicious and simple pepper steak made in the slow cooker. This pepper steak recipe is straightforward with only a handful of ingredients.

Shepherd's Pie #shepardspie
Shepherd's Pie #shepardspie from
For best results, we cook it on a wok set on an outdoor coal grill. homemade, i ate, pro/chef, found ,request/discussion ,misc. #puffpastry #sweet #savory #hamandcheese #chocolate.

Return the beef to the pan, add the flour and some salt and pepper.

Post tags are required for images use one of the following tags for link posts: This version of chinese pepper steak was inspired by a takeout restaurant i frequented in high school. Here's how to make one simple variation of this dish. You typically don't find tomatoes in stir fry recipes.